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SAT, 06,Nov 21


Missions | Walk For A Mission 2019

August 3, 2019






What an amazing time! LBFC raised more than $4,000! Using registration brochures, flyers, and by word of mouth, many people were reached out and had donated towards Missions! We wanted to congratulate the individual, couple, and group that gave the most shirts: Individual: Rose Torres, Couple: Edwin and Jewel Elacion, and House Church 2!

God bless you all and thank you so much for contributing to the cause of Missions and the cause of being "SENT" ! 

EVC | Easter Jamboree

March 31, 2019

What you see are over a hundred kids! The Easter Jamboree was a success. Many people were reached, prayed over, and loved! Telling about Jesus through story books, science experiment, or simply getting their faces painted,, there's no doubt that God's presence was with us all! We're always grateful to partner with East Valley Church in a special day of remembering Jesus dying on the cross but not only that, resurrecting and being our LIVING HOPE!

Anniversary | Ordination

March 31, 2019






The church continues God's mission to reach out. For 32 years, LBFC has been faithfully dedicating every life to being disciples and discipling others as God has said in scripture. Celebrating a great milestone yet again this year! Congratulations to Pastor Mark Beleno and Pastor Franciscio Luis Busa III for being ordained as pastors of the church!

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Baptism | Dedication

God's people have been baptized in His name! We celebrate the many people that dedicated their lives to following Jesus: Daniel Busa, Ralph Alaban, Samuel De Silva, Desiree Cervantes , and Marlene Moreto. 


Looking forward to seeing how God grows you and walk with you in this new life!

A baby dedication was held for Sanelly Raz! Welcome to the LBFC family and the family of God!

February 24, 2019