The Association of LightBearers Fellowship Ministries 
Philippines, Inc. is an organization of pastors and lay workers that sees urgency in the need to address issues and problems which degenerate the moral fiber of our communities.








It shall intensify its efforts in the areas of teaching, evangelism, and community organizing using the principles ordained by the Word of God. It has the vision to win more souls to Jesus Christ, disciple, organize, and build churches whose membership are genuinely aware of their responsibilty to bear their light for God's Glory and Honor.






"The quest of building  communities where truth, righteousness,

and justice dwell is primordial."

In 1996, God called our church to send 3 missionaries to the Philippines.  This is the first time Phil-Am sponsored a mission trip to Davao City, Philippines.

In 1997, God opened another door of opportunity for us to participate in a mission trip.  At this time, we partnered with Filipino Southern Baptist Mission and helped with evangelistic and medical mission work in Tablas and Romblon Islands, Philippines.

​In 2006, we continued to be a missionary oriented church as we started supporting a number of pastors in Negros Occidental, Philippines through our Can Recycle Ministry.  Not too long after that, we were able to start a church building project in Culasi Antique, Iloilo which is now our daughter church.

In 2007, God blessed us to be part of His mission work in the Philippines again. "The Twelve" were able to minister in Negros Occidental, Davao City and Manila.  Many souls were saved and blessed.

In 2008, our church experienced many milestones.  We embarked on various mission works, local and international.  After many months of prayer and discernment of God's will, we relocated to Eastside of San Jose, CA. In partnership with Alum Rock Covenant Church, we embraced the call to reach out to the local community "one heart at a time." In keeping with our call to do mission work, we were blessed to have been part of the Mission Solano outreach in Fairfield, CA with brother Harold Garello's church-Liberty. Our leaders and youth ministered to the needs of individuals residing in homeless shelters.

In partnership with Vallejo International Baptist Church, two of our members (Miriam and Wes) went on a mission trip, "Exposure," to Cambodia.  They were exposed to the culture, people and ongoing local ministry.  Cambodia had a profound impact on their lives, opening their eyes and hearts to the importance of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Antique, Philippines

Capiz, Philippines

Pampanga, Philippines

Negros Occidental,


Makati, Philippines

Bacolod, Philippines